Saturday, June 27, 2009


Isaac is sitting beside me, interested in what I am doing. So I put a post in about him. This is him at his Scout Pinewood Derby night. He worked hard on his car with his Dad and came in 4th place...way to go Iman!!!! I have been pondering letting him put together a blog for his book reports over the summer...I have some issues with just anyone being able to comment to him, and different things like that...but on the other hand I would like to make it fun for him...and well, he enjoys technology, and could most likely teach me a thing or two. I still am not sure...I will have to see how it could work. I think there are options where you have to be "invited" to leave messages...does anyone know this? Like I said ...I am horrible at technology!


Jthemilker said...

Yes - you can change the settings to make it a "Private" blog, but be sure to send an invitation to his Aunt J.J. :)

Elizabeth said...

Great Job Isaac! I remember when Wayne was in cubscouts- he did the pinecar derby too! I look forward to Samuel being old enough to be in cubscouts. I grew up with 4H, and hope that my little kiddos will have a desire to follow suit either with 4H, scouts, etc... :)