Monday, April 05, 2010


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Full of Grace said...

You got so many wonderful pictures, I am jealous, I got hardly any of hoo... I loved scrolling through them all, and btw, did your kiddos have color coded eggs so they knew which eggs to collect so that they would be about equal, if so that is a GREAT IDEA~ I Love It!

I had intentions of taking Samuel, Samantha and Wayne roller skating, but Bob was doing a wood project, so we ate later and by them time I got the littlest girls to bed it was way too late to leave for skating * you guys were probably gone, it was after 8 and we still had to drive about a half hr. I'm so sorry about that, I was really bummed. I hope you had a good time!

Full of Grace said...

(ps, the deal was I had to get the girls to bed before I left because Bob so RARELY puts them to bed he didn't want to deal with them because he was working in his new wood workshop in the basement)