Saturday, April 24, 2010


Cory... Cory is busy. Always. He had a evening off yesterday in which he spent fishing with some buddies...he caught a 2lb bass...sent a picture, and I was jealous...but proud of him :-) This week shouldnt prove to be as busy as last week...I hope.

Wendy...Busy as usual, more of the same... I would like to get some material and make Esther and Gayle matching dresses...they would like that, and so would I! I love to do little projects like that. We are in the midst of tearing wallpaper,and painting, and making messes...thats what we do here...haha.

Isaac....Is playing baseball, and the drums. More on the baseball side, and less on the drums. He got all A's and 1 B on his report card...Im so proud of him! He is turning 10 next month...ACK....we are entering the two digits!

Esther....Is playing softball, and piano. She is doing very well on Piano, and I wish I could have had lessons when I was her age. She also got All A's, except for Handwriting in which she got an S+ which is like a B+.....she cried....I was like...Dude look at all these A's! She was upset about the B...could we have a perfectionist on our hands?

Gayle....She doesnt play a sport..or an instrument or get a report card...but Im sure she would measure up just fine..haha! She is enjoying school, and preparing to have me come in for the Mothers Day Spa...oooh la la!

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Full of Grace said...

I LOVED all the updates you gave about everyone! :) I wish I could come to the yard sales, but not sure if I'll be able to arrange it- hope you get lots of great stuff!!! :)