Tuesday, April 20, 2010


THE FIGHT ON FLAB still....isnt. BUT.....I lost 11 lbs since I last checked. Dont ask me how. I think stress and trying to purge my house of an insane amount of stuff. I stepped on the scale...decided it must have been set wrong...got off...checked it...yeah ok that is set right...got on...had to rub my eyes to see if I was just seeing it wrong...(and yes I actually did rub my eyes)...Wow...I lost 11 pounds....DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! wonder of wonders. Dont get too excited about this...if I can lose 11 secretly...I can also gain 11 or 12 in secret...For now, I dont really care...I need motivation...Cory has TONS of motivation...he has been working out since school started...he gets up early AND works out at night! I am a total loser...I was on a roll, then the flu came and knocked me off my roll....I cant seem to WANT to get back on...It makes me irritated...what am I going to DO? Cory seems to think it is just a mind over matter idea...I am not convinced...Why is he so good and Im not? HA ....I just had to laugh for a minute there....I know that nothing comes with out some hard work...I just dont want to work as hard as he is...there....I said it. I just dont FEEL like it....its HARD! But I have to...sniff. Dont worry...I will get back at it...I just have to FEEL like it. DONT JUDGE ME!!!!


Rebecca said...

Don't judge you. HA!

I am feeling the same way. I grew a double chin overnight and I *KNOW* how to fix it...but the thought of waking up early to walk is excruciating and the thought of going out after the kids are asleep when I am already exhausted is too. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. What's worse? I am ravenously hungry and eating all the time and I can't stop. VERY discouraging.

I will say, I just got back from a walk tonight. Laid the children down at a reasonable time and got to it, the weather was too nice and since Matt is gone, I had the time. :-) It felt good. I hope it felt good enough to want to do it again. But watch-it will rain.

Wish pounds would magically disappear for ME. Hmph. 11 pounds?! That's a LOT. (to me anyway) You must have done something and just didn't realize it, which is the way to do it! :-) That is awesome.

Good job Cory-TWICE a day? And running full throttle in between?! Don't know how the man does it!

Jthemilker said...

Unfortunately I have what I *think* is a plantars wart on my foot which has totally thwarted my running efforts! DRAT! So you are not alone.

Secondly... why are you so obsessed with being 'judged' today?

Wendy said...

Rebecca~ You are prego...you have an excuse. I would use that to my advantage :-) I am glad I am not the only one who has trouble with this...I think I am jealous of Cory...I find myself scowling when I think about it...Ha ha...what a riot.

JJ~ Plantars warts huh...that sounds simply beautiful....I guess you have an excuse too...by the way...Ive seen a compound W FREEZE stuff on commercials on tv...otherwise, you will have to go to the podiatrist ...Cory had one in College. I dont know why Im obsessed with being judged. I just want to say what I say and not have anyone "think" any thing about it...it is what it is. Ha...another riot!