Saturday, April 24, 2010


So I am not sure why I couldnt blog my entire scroll down to the next post if you want to read in order....then read is our family updates:-)

Elijah....When I think of Eli...I think "beautiful big brown eyed boy...with a nasty brown tooth!"....its true...I think about that tooth more than you know. It breaks my big Mommy heart! I dread him going through school with that thing! On a more positive note...I got a potty seat, and he has been very interested in it. He pees all of the time, but is not terribly interested in pooping. We shall get there! The boy LOVES trains! Yesterday we went to Corys classroom for lunch...I bought a pizza and he sat on the windowsill and ate his pizza while watching the train go by. You would have thought it was the actual characters from Thomas...he was SO excited. I think it is time to go to Strasburg.

Asher...What can I say about this adorable snuggly, charming , chubby little darling?...hmmm...he is getting teeth...he is keeping me up at night wanting to nurse too! He is far to sweet for his own good though! Sometimes I still think how lucky we are to have him...God is gracious to us!

***A note to all who love garage sales...May 8th is the Conklin?\Kirkwood town garage sales... its time to fill up your house with someone elses junk! ha ha...I am hoping to go :-) Some folks bring a wagon, ride a bike...etc...its hard core out here :-)

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