Monday, April 19, 2010


I am not sure if I just get bored, or what...but, sometimes I just want to mix it up...I think I need a break from the blog every now and then. It is not because of lack of readers, comments, materials...nah--I think it stems from just spending too much time in front of the computer...when I blog, I want to look at everyone elses too...I simply cant indulge myself like that on a daily basis! So...every now and then I will be back :-)

The other day Cory and I took the kiddos to the Discovery Center...They had such a ball! One of the highlights for me was walking through the child sized grocery store and seeing Isaac stock up his cart with all kinds of snack cakes, pop, rice crispie treats and ice cream....litterally like cartons and cartons of it. So he goes to get a second cart because it is falling out all over the place in which I tell him "Why dont you put some of that back..." He says, "but I really want it Mom..." "But Isaac, your stuff is tumbling out, and well, you cant really take two carts because other kids are going to want to use one too. " I can see at this point he sees the reason in I go to "help" him put back some of his "pretend" junk food...and he reaches out to stop me and says..."MOM! I really want that one...can I just get that one...I love this kind"...and then I say "Isaac this stuff is all fake....its not for real!" He made me chuckle over and over! It is really kind of funny to me about the kinds of food he was was like...this is my CHANCE!!! I worry for him when he goes to college....with all of the food options...he might gain much more than the freshman 15! It seems I have my work cut out for me...what a carbaholic!

If you havent been to the Discovery Center you should make the trip...lots of fun for the kiddos... cant wait for warmer weather...they are working on some outside is Mr. MacGregors Garden....I cant wait.


Full of Grace said...

That is SO FUNNY about Isaac! :) Sometime you, Rebecca, and I should meet over there and pack lunches (or the zoo, whichever you prefer) That would be great fun! :) Maybe this summer?

Wendy said...

Yes...absolutely--Fabulous idea--lets do it!!!!