Friday, April 30, 2010


I have been really busy. There are some folks interested in looking at our home, so I am busting my butt trying to get it ready...lots of mudding, taping, sanding, painting, purging, and everything else in between. One day this week I went to the Dr. and told him I wasnt feeling all that great...he said...are you sleeping? Well, No...I havent slept in almost 10 years...hahaha. Okay...are you eating? Of course I am eating...okay, WHEN do you eat...hmmm I COULD NOT THINK OF WHEN! Apparently I am a grab it and shovel it down kind of girl, and Im off. I feed the kiddos at a certain time, but I like to do things while they are preoccupied. This week I bought some of those Lean Cuisine Meals since they were on sale. I am so glad that I did. Usually I would just grab a sandwich, or something like that...I make Eli a hot lunch usually, soup, etc...This has been a lifesaver. It makes me actually think about eating...I was busy painting...Cory called, and I said, Im going to take a quick break for was 2:00!!!!!!!!! Apparently I dont pay attention. So anyways, instead of peanut butter sandwiches etc....Ive had chicken chow mein...glazed chicken, beef tips with portobello and broccoli....the serving sizes are not very big...the whole meal is around 240 calories, but I figure it is more than what I was getting in more ways than one, and well...I am a fan of hot lunches! So...Thanks to the Lean Cuisine company I am eating better...and enjoying it too. Ive lost a couple more pounds too, but that is just because I have been SO busy.

I need the worst way. Its bad when you run out of Peanut Butter! Hopefully I can make a trip tonight to get those things.

Say a prayer for us about our house situation, it would be really ideal for us to move into the district where the kids go to there is a house that is a cozy little place that we would love to call home...Hope you all are having a great week! Back to Work!!!

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Woman with the Yellow Hat said...

I shudder to think of you moving after just redoing the upstairs! "Shudder" b/c I'd cry if we moved after the little, but a lot of work we've done! Oh, and wahoooooo re yardsaling since I've been out the past four Saturdays!