Sunday, July 26, 2009


This is our bat removal project. Our upstairs is entirely torn apart as you can see. New framing has to be done because the house was an old farmhouse and the boards are well...old farmhouse boards...he he he. We decided to have this done in order to BE DONE before our little one arrived, but he decided to come early. So...when it was time to come home...we didn't...we went to Corys parents home to stay. We are back into our home now, but the workers will not be finished until the end of the week. I am excited because the upstairs will look sooo much better, they are even painting it for me:) Apparently the biggest problem was above the ceiling in Isaacs room...yikes! Also, the guano in the crawl spaces was 12 in thick in places...disgusting. Here lies the problem and also the good of the situation. ALL of our belongings are in the kids playroom...WHAT A MESS!!!! But look on the bright side...we will be able to go through everything and we want to purge as much stuff as we can...THIS is the good part. I really hope that this job finishes up smoothly...they have done so much in a short amount of time! For those of you who would like to come over ....As soon as we can get our junk put away...I would love for you to visit!

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Rebecca said...

Wow. When you mentioned "BATS" I never realized it would amount to GUTTING the entire upstairs! Wow.

Double and Triple Wow too.

My goodness, Wendy, you make sure to REST too! Remember~you are recuperating!

(But that will be so fun to have a BRAND SPANKIN NEW upstairs!!!!)