Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ok...here is the scoop on the BATS...(shiver...). We have had bats in our crawl spaces for years...they scratch inside the walls...and totally freak me out. Every year we get one or two that get out from somewhere. (We nailed the crawl spaces shut.) The other day I was feeling particularly creepy crawly and kept waking Cory up saying...I hear something squeaky...chirping. He kept saying that I was having a night of paranoia...I said ok maybe I am and then I saw something fly into our bedroom!!!!AHHHHHH....I freaked out again...he looked and saw nothing and begged me to go to sleep and let him get just a little bit of sleep. I said ok...I wasn't really sure if what I saw was true...I was sooo tired. So as soon as I turned over it started flying around the room....YIKES!!! Did I say I DONT like creepy crawlies? I put the covers over my head so it could not touch me, and Cory went to find his maglite to see it and beat it. I made him go through our entire room...shaking out clothes from laundry baskets...blankets...looking inside ANYWHERE it could hide...only to find that after the contents of our ENTIRE room was emptied into our living room that I heard the chirping sound upstairs...oops...it must have slipped out while my head was under the blankets...and he was looking for his maglite...Sorry Cory. The next day Cory looked for ideas on how to get rid of the bats for good. At first he was going to dry wall the upstairs...I told him I knew that the guano (bat poop) was really dangerous if you unsettle it...it could kill you...and to please dont. Some of his pals recommended doing what they did...take a shotgun and clip them on the way out...I dont think so...he found a website for a guy who calls himself bat man...to make a long story short...our house is being sealed up on the outside...once the bats are out...they will rip off the walls and ceilings...clean up the guano with special hepa vaccums, and then drywall our complete upstairs...and paint it too! Some of you have been to our home and know that there is really no storage space. Our entire upstairs is now in our childrens playroom...plus...we have an office table in our living room that I am sorting out laundry on, and all of my scrapbook stuff is underneath this table. I am trying to go through baby stuff...and now my house is an absolute shambles. luckily it has been nice outside so the kids are not stuck in our living room. I am due in minimum of 2 weeks I would say...and am stressed out...you want everything to be perfect...but it is worse than that. After the workers sealed the outside...somehow they found a hole inside the kids playroom...Cory trapped a bat yesterday...and got one today...I am not going to sleep tonight. The whole process is supposed to take 8-10 days. I am skeptical, but we shall see. Oh, by the way...we have very agressive brown bats...they are large. They have big teeth. There guano is coming through our walls...and I am not even allowed to WALK upstairs being prego...so we brought Isaac down too. I am stressed out just talking about it, and that is all for now. Good Night...but I wont sleep.


Elizabeth said...

Oh Wendy,
I am so sorry you are going through all of this right before you are due! I remember those guys from when I was living with you.

Try to get some rest! You can come over and borrow my bed sometime during the day if you need a nap!

Wendy said...

You are sooo sweet! Actually my folks are here, and are watching the kiddos for me whenever I need to catch a rest...it has been really nice. Thanks for the offer though!