Saturday, July 18, 2009


Say hello to Asher James who decided to join us at 36 weeks!! Honestly, I really thought that I was having false labor...until it really started I went to the hospital just to be on the safe side. We got to the hospital at 3:50 am and Asher made his debut at 5:04. I did not even bring a hospital or anything...Sorry Rebecca...I really didnt count on a 36 weeker. Asher was 5lb 6 oz...19 inches long. He spent the first 5 hours in the NICU...He is doing well...a little sluggish feeding wise...but that is to be expected with a guy this early. I will post more pictures when I am feeling up to it...We are so excited...!


Rebecca said...


He is SO stinkin' SMALL. AND PRECIOUS. and SWEET. Oh me oh my.

Nothing was wrong? He just decided to come?!?! Wow. That is amazing! Mom left a message on my machine that you had given birth and the baby was in the NICU and I immediately started praying because I feared something bad had happened. PRAISE GOD! Over and over again!

Oh my. Can I come see you guys sometime soon? Maybe I could take some NEWBORN pictures instead of HOSPITAL pictures!

Little Asher is too precious for words. He is SO tiny. Delivering a 5 pounder is one of my wildest dreams. HOW VERY DEAR.

mY hearty CONGRATULATIONS to you all. Much, much love

Rebecca said...

He really is beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Wendy and Cory,

Congratulations to your WHOLE FAMILY on Asher's swift appearance. I loved talking to you the other day, Asher's birth reminded me so much of Christiana's whirlwind appearance after being almost 2 weeks late!

I'm so glad you both are healthy, and I hope I can visit with you soon! :)

Sending you a hug till then :)

Jemit said...

More pictures please..