Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Dear Rebecca,
I am so sad not to be able to come to the book exchange :( (REALLY SAD!) I have an OB appt today which I really need to keep...DRAT! I would have called you...but I dont have your number....I will have to get it from Elizabeth. I hope that everyone has a good time today...even without me...(sniff). Hopefully we can get together soon.
Much Love,

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Rebecca said...

I was looking for you! Must say~ I MISSED you lots. I kept thinking "It SOUNDED like she was coming...." but that was before the blasted RAINDATE. There were lots of people who couldn't come because of the postponement. Thanks for the note. Now I know you don't hate me or anything. :-)

I am so sorry you couldn't come---but that doesn't mean we couldn't get together. Wanna come over sometime? Let me know if BEFORE baby or AFTER baby is better. I'd love to have a visit with you!