Thursday, July 02, 2009


Our room was called Kids Cabin. It featured a little log cabin with a bunk bed and a daybed...and their own little flat screen which did not get used much. It even had a video game system attached...why you need that at a water park I don't know. Outside of the kids room was a tiny kitchen with sink, microwave and tiny fridge...Now a word about the food there. We thought we would be thrifty and bring our own food. A hot dog at this park is $6 , A burger $12, CRAZY!!!! We dined on cheese and crackers, grapes, popcorn, and I splurged and bought these tiny little microwave cakes...they were soooo good and only 150 calories! The next day for breakfast I brought microwave pancakes and juice, and also yogurt. We did not starve. We snacked again like this in the park and I think it was a good idea...we did not feel sluggish like all the others eating chicken fingers and fries. After we were done we stopped at friendlys...and then we felt sluggish. Ok back to the room...there was a fire place , a little living room with a fold out couch that Eli slept on, and a bed for Cory and I. It even had a lovely balcony. Very comfy.

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Rebecca said...

good thinking for the food bit. It would have cost CRAZY money to feed a family of six at those prices!

And holy smokes! I LOVE that bunk room. That is the coolest thing.