Monday, January 24, 2011


Yesterday Cory and I snipped our coupons and browsed our circulars to find the best deals for our groceries. I mapped out some of the things I wanted to get at Rite Aid and Walgreens...and then Cory will make a game plan to make it happen for "not much out of our pocket". I am pleased to report that we hardly ever go to wal*mart anymore except for things like diapers, and other must haves that I can't get a good deal on. I think tonight I will map out our food groceries for Price Chopper and Shursave...If you are into the coupons too and shop at Price chopper make sure you stop at their website and print off their coupons too! Target has lots and lots of coupons you can print too and if you can use a manufacturers coupon with it! I definitely am not getting as much stuff at Rite Aid and Walgreens like I did in previous weeks...but just some stuff to put in the pantry.

Some other good ways to save money or be to plan your meals around whatever meat is on sale. I usually buy multiples and then freeze them. My sister likes to cook her ground meat and then freeze it in bags...I have tried this, and it works like a charm! I will probably do more of that in the spring. Does anyone else have any good ideas for saving or being frugal? I love trying new things!

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Jemit said...

I know you don't care for the smell of bacon, but your dad and I usually have 2 slices every morning for breakfast. I decided to cook the whole package and then just pull out what we need for the day. I bought 4# on sale for $2.50 each and took the time to fry the whole amount slowly in one afternoon, bag it, and pop it either in the frige or the freezer. At breakfast , we nuke the 4 slices on paper towels and our bacon is ready in 60 seconds.