Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Posted by PicasaI still remember holding him in my arms...I still do..but its a little different! What a fine young man he is turning out to be!


Theresa said...

Wendy and Cory --- I have said it before and will keep repeating it....you have such an amazing family. Each and every one of your children bring their own unique personality and devotion to the One above all that it shows each and everyday in everything they do. (I know, because I do see them everyday - well at least the three oldest). The two little guys bring smiles to my face and warm my heart every time I am with them.
I hope and pray the keep growing in this wonderful way. You and Cory are awesome parents!

Wendy said...

Wow...that made my heart so glad to hear! Thank you so much for saying that! I am glad you are there watching over my (big) littles :-) and by the way...Trina turned out ultra awesome too :-) Thanks so much for those words of affirmation...we just love you!

Full of Grace said...

I remember distinctly when Isaac was a tiny baby (wonder why??) :) It's time like these where you really say where does the time go..He's going to surpass you really quick there Wendy :)