Monday, January 24, 2011


I must admit...I am trying to live out some of my childhood desires through my kids. I would have loved to take piano lessons....and still might. My children have offered to teach me. I may try this. I have taught myself to play in a manner of speaking...but I would like to "really" play. Esther started first...this will be her 2nd full year of lessons coming up. She has been working so hard at her recital piece. The teacher said it was actually a very hard piece to play, and that just made me so proud of her! I love the fact that she and Isaac will sit down and just actually makes Cory sit down and play more too! As far as Cory goes...he will be more prone to play when he is stressed out, or when he has tons on his seems to relax him. I know he wishes he could play more. Isaac is coming up on his first full year of lessons too. He is around the same place as Esther in her book due to the fact that he takes drums too. Esther is farther ahead though in terms of timing I think. Practice makes perfect! I will have to catch them playing sometime and post it...even though I am not doing it myself, I am thankful to give them the opportunity to let it happen for them. Speaking of opportunity...Gayle is going to start this coming school year too! (She seems too little...but Esther started the same age...hmmm) Oh well.

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