Tuesday, January 18, 2011


There are not many shots of me with the kiddos since I am the "picture taker" around here. These were fun to do...we love to snuggle each other:-)

What can I say....I love my little boys!
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Rebecca said...

Know the feeling....GOOD for you! It is really important!

ACK. I am so sorry about not getting back with you about getting together. Time flew away before I realized it. I told myself I would check the calendar and then completely forgot about it. Did you already schedule something with Elizabeth? I can try to make it if you have but next week would work much better than this Friday.

Of course, I have (or will have) a blanket for Esther's Linus project so if you need that stat I will HAVE to make it. So sorry for my rudeness. I didn't mean to be, but it still was. :-(

Wendy said...

Hi Rebecca! We can definitely reschedule for another day. My kids have an early dismissal next Friday. I have to pick them up at 12:30...We could try for Wed. Feb 2nd or Friday Feb. 4th...any of these work for you? Tues and Thurs Eli has school, and every other Wednesday I go to Womens Group. Maybe you and Elizabeth could talk and see if any of these will work. Let me know, and if it doesnt work we will look at some different dates. It actually really works out well rescheduling because I have a nasty sinus headache going on. I am constantly blowing my nose, and feeling rather blah. And by the way, I did not think you were being rude...you are running a house hold, and I know how it can be :-) Talk to you soon!

Full of Grace said...

I know the feeling too well as well! :) Enjoy those random holding out the camera so you can get a shot or two with your sweeties moments :) I sure do! :)