Monday, January 31, 2011


Wishing....for summer that is! I like snow...but only when there is lots and lots of it. I'm talking about so much that the kids have trouble walking in it! After that...I am ready for Spring...and I can't wait! I am excited for this new year ...
On a "couponing note"....I spent hours...( yes hours!) clipping coupons and sorting and organizing them yesterday. It was a neccessary evil. Yesterdays paper had lots of it was a good deal to get more than one paper. Now...I have to come up with my shopping game plan. We have been tweaking and retweaking our budget to make a good fit. I really have no idea what a good amount is to spend on groceries/toiletries/supplies....I am almost embarrassed to admit this since I have NO CLUE if this is good or bad....just know it is good for us at this time...We have a budget of $300.00 a Paycheck. $200 of that is for food. $100 is for Diapers/toiletries/supplies like garbage bags, ziplocs..laundry/dish detergent etc... I am trying to lower it as much as I can...but there IS 7 of us. What is your budget for food? Is that a lot? Anyone have any ideas?


Full of Grace said...

I think what you are doing is a great thing, everyone's budget would vary depending on household size, and wants/needs!

When I shop, I try to limit myself (mostly) on sale items..Usually I write a list from what's on sale and buy it (even if it's household stuff that I don't really need, if its' a good deal I buy it anyhow because I'll need it later)

I think this year I may invest in having a Sunday paper delivered. Yes, it's out of pocket for the whole year, but you save WAY more than 1.50 a week in coupons if you cut them and use them! :)

Jthemilker said...

We budget $60/wk for groceries & Riteaid deals. When we get really stocked up, we end up skipping a week here and there. We could probably get by on $40/wk, but we like to make sure we get ALL the worthwhile deals each week.